Letter from Josie Gallup

Dear Laurie,

It has taken me awhile to write to you, and I am sorry, though I have been hearing about how you’re doing through Ginny. And I’ve been thinking about you, and sending my love.

I remember Bill with love and admiration from the younger neighbor viewpoint of 77 Jane. Bill and Phyllis and Ben and Jonny, the unbelievable shell collection. The books wall to wall, the cooking upstairs aunt at 81, and Bill’s always purposeful and friendly ways.  .  .  . I remember him as an adult for his remarkable integration of brilliant mind and great humane generosity. And I imagine the fineness of his essence is some comfort to you.

I hope your own fine and kind, keen mind continues to pull you along, and you heal well.

Love, Josie [Gallup]

Sister of Virginia Shipley, aunt of Jesse Shipley