Black Indians: Revised. Expanded. Updated.Black Indians
The compelling account of how two heritages united in their struggle to gain freedom and equality in America—now updated with new and revised content.
The Black West
Inspired by a conversation William Loren Katz had with Langston Hughes, The Black West presents long-neglected stories of daring pioneers such as Nat Love (Deadwood Dick) and Mary Fields (Stagecoach Mary). New Edition published in 2019.
Black Women of the Old West book coverBlack Women
of the Old West

This book traces how African American women challenged white bigotry, labored to create new lives and ultimately helped to transform sparse frontier settlements into thriving [western] states.  New, revised edition expected to be published by Chicago Review Press in 2024.
Eyewitness book coverEyewitness
First-hand accounts of pivotal moments in African American history, ranging from recollections of the slave trade, accounts of the Civil War, and impassioned words about the Civil Rights Movement, to the current state of Black America.
Black Legacy book coverBlack Legacy
This book traces New York City’s Black legacy from Dutch Governor Peter Minuit to Mayor David Dinkins and reveals how people of color built today’s New York while they fought to end slavery and discrimination. New, updated edition expected to be published by Seven Stories Press in 2024.
The Cruel Years book coverThe Cruel Years
A vivid, poignant, and candid glimpse of the turmoil, oppression and injustice of the early 1900s through the words of 22 working women and men who reveal the anger, despair, and resiliency of their lives.
Black Pioneers book coverBlack Pioneers
Out of a past little noted in history texts comes this tale of African American pioneers in the Ohio and Mississippi valleys. Katz reveals a frontier saga that has often been glossed over or lost.
Breaking the Chains book coverBreaking the Chains
The sturdy offspring of Black-Indian marriages shaped the early days of the fur trade, added a new dimension to frontier diplomacy, and made a daring contribution to the fight for American liberty. New edition from Seven Stories Press coming out in December 2023.
The Lincoln Brigade book coverThe Lincoln Brigade: A Picture History
The Lincoln Brigade was a group of 2,800 enthusiastic young men and women who volunteered to fight in the Spanish Civil War to save the democratic government of Spain from a military takeover. From 1936 to 1939 before the US entry into World War II, they courageously fought against armies led by fascists Hitler and Mussolini. This American contingent was the first U.S. armed force that was racially integrated from top to bottom. In the 1980s, William Loren Katz and Marc Crawford accompanied members of the Lincoln Brigade to Spain, interviewed them on old battlefields, and in the process unearthed documents and photographs for this book.