Ivan Van Sertima

Of Howard Zinn and Other Heroes

February 9, 2010

In less than a year the battle for truth has lost three of its most innovative and stalwart voices, historians John Hope Franklin, Ivan Van Sertima and now Howard Zinn. Each challenged aspects of the cheerfully bigoted narrative that has passed for history in schools, colleges, texts and the media. Each created works that made […]

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Homage to Dear Friend Dr. Ivan Van Sertima

October 24, 2009

[On September 12, 2009 colleagues, students and family members gathered at Kirkpatrick Chapel on the Rutgers University campus for a Memorial Service honoring Ivan Van Sertima, the distinguished anthropologist, historian, linguist and author. William Loren Katz prepared these words about his colleague and friend of many years.] I first wish to thank and honor Jacqueline […]

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