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Announcement from The National Congress of Black American Indians

The National Congress of Black American Indians is pleased to welcome William Katz, author of Black Indians: A Hidden Heritage, and 40 other books as the National Congress of Black American Indians resident historian.
Thanksgiving remains the most treasured holiday in the United States, honored by Presidents since Abraham Lincoln initiated the Holiday to rouse patriotism in a war that was not going well.


Native American History Month: The Politics of Thanksgiving Day


Thanksgiving has often served political ends. In 2003, in the current age of US Middle East invasions, President George Bush flew to Bagdad, Iraq to celebrate Thanksgiving Day with U.S. troops. He sought to rally the public behind an invasion based on lies. A host of photographers came along to snap him carrying a glazed turkey to eager soldiers. In three hours he flew home, and TV brought his act of solidarity and generosity to millions of US living rooms. But the turkey the President carried to Bagdad was never eaten. It was cardboard, a stage prop. […]


The Forgotten Fight Against Fascism

Please read my newest article, The Forgotten Fight Against Fascism, HERE. It has appeared on the Huffington Post, History News Network, Common Dreams and the Zinn Education Report.


Black Indians Celebrated in Native American Heritage Month

6a00d8341c4eab53ef019b000f3798970c-800wiNPR “explores shared black and Native American heritage with William Katz, author of Black Indians: A Hidden Heritage, and Shonda Buchanan, an English professor, who is of North Carolina and Mississippi Choctaw Indian ancestry.” Please listen to the radio program or read its transcript here.


Black Indians 2014

View an excerpt from Cultural Caravan TV’s interview with William Katz here.

Drawing from his forty books on African American History, William Loren Katz offers such powerpoint lectures as:


Black Indians — Revised, Expanded and Updated

Black Indians: Revised. Expanded. Updated.The expanded and updated edition of Black Indians: A Hidden Heritage brings the Native American and African American alliance that for four centuries challenged the European conquest and slavery into the 21st century with additional research and documentary and photographic evidence.

Please click here to view a complete list of books by William L. Katz.