Katz and Fixico Interviews

William Loren Katz and Pompey Fixico are available for interviews on the expanded, revised and updated edition of Black Indians: A Hidden Heritage.

William Loren Katz is best known as the author of 40books in African American history. His books and lectures have won praise fromHoward Zinn, Alice Walker, John Hope Franklin, John Henrik Clarke and Henry LouisGates, Jr among others. He has produced his own history news program onPacifica Radio in New York and appeared hundreds of times on TV and radio and before college and museum audiences.

Pompey Fixico is a direct descendant of the African and Seminole Maroons fighters of Florida whose unity held the United States armed forces at bay for more than forty years[1816-1858]. Black Seminole Maroons led the largest slave revolt in ourhistory, conducted our most successful underground railroad station, and as thefirst Rainbow Coalition became some of our first heroic freedom fighters. Fixico has devoted his life to bringing the story of his daring ancestors and Black Indian Maroon resistance to fellow Americans. As he tells it:

“My ancestors did not take slavery lying down. As Africans and Indians they formed alliances across the Americas and to battle fought slaveholders and oppressors. In the case of my ancestors, they won andmaintained their freedom before the Civil War.

Katz and Fixico can be interviewed together or separately (in California or in New York).
Contact Pompey Fixico at: refixico@ aol . com
Contact William Loren Katz at: wlkatz @ aol . com